Can you make (insert your favourite musician, actor, poet here)
Maybe. You can absolutely make suggestions, I do listen! If enough people ask, or if I think it is a good idea for a design that will work in my brand, I will sometimes make them. Sometimes really quickly, sometimes years later… I’m unpredictable like that.

But can't you just make one for me or do one of my boyfriend’s face?
Yes and no… it depends if you are willing to pay for my time to do it, as this becomes a custom design piece that I won’t be able to on-sell as part of my range. I absolutely love doing custom pieces when I have the time. Just contact me to ask!

I am running an event / I own a shop / I’m having a wedding – can you make me a bunch of custom pieces?
Yes! I have created custom pieces for events and wedding gifts. Just drop me a line to see how I can make all your bamboo dreams come true.

Can we collaborate?
Maybe! Please elaborate (by contacting me).

Why is my piece different to the one in the photo?
My products are all hand coloured – this means they are always a little different. Sometimes, I add flourishes or purposefully change little details (like flower colour). The other thing to keep in mind is the nature of bamboo. It is a natural product and a bit unpredictable in colour. If it is significantly different to what you were expecting, please just contact me and we’ll sort it out.

What are your earrings made from?
I only use good quality surgical steel (nickel and lead free) posts and backings for my studs. All dangles are either surgical steel or sterling silver (see item listing). My intent is that my designs can be enjoyed by as many people as possible - which is why quality materials used in posts and hooks is critical.

How do I care for my jewellery?
First, avoid getting them wet! Nothing terrible will happen right away if they do (I’ve had brooches go through the washing machine and they have survived just fine), but it will eventually cause the glue bond to weaken. This will mean you might lose a stud when you hop out of the shower. Please don’t sleep in your studs or do a sweaty workout with them. Also, be mindful how they are stored. Marks and scuffs won’t always easily be removed from bamboo, but try giving them a gentle wipe with a damp cloth.
Repairs: My earring broke / my brooch pin bent / something else terrible happened – will you fix it?
Oh no! I’m so sorry, of course I will fix it! Unfortunately, due to the nature of the glue bond, it will sometimes fail. I will always be happy to fix pieces if you can’t. Also, if you have lost one of your earrings, I will happily sell you a single stud to make a contented pair again. Just contact me.
Do you Refund?
Unfortunately, no refunds on change of mind. Please check that your products have arrived safe and in one piece and contact me within 24 hours if there are any problems.