Eco Responsibility

Using sustainable materials and local suppliers, Milk Thieves strives to be as sustainable as possible. 

  • Main Bamboo Material: Bamboo is fast growing, bio-degradable and non-toxic. I use bamboo that is FSC certified (origin of China). 
  • Other Materials: Occasionally other plastics are used in the creation of products. These are usually kept to a minimum and used only when hand-colouring just won’t quite give that extra jazz! Where possible offcuts and upcycled elements are used. You are always welcome to contact me and request a version with no plastics.
  • Laser Cutting Service: I use a small, family business, located in Sydney that use green energy, offsets carbon and follows environmentally responsible recycling, packaging and supply practices. I use full sheets of material and get large runs cut at one time to reduce waste and shipping.
  • Packaging: Where possible I use recycled or upcycled shipping boxes and packaging. So if your order arrives in an old scrappy box, then you can feel good that together we saved a tree. I also use recycled card stock when possible for printing and paper tape on most parcels.
  • Art Materials: I use Montanna Black spray paint, which is produced by one of the largest, and most environmentally conscious aerosol manufactures in the world. They contain no heavy metals and the cans are recyclable. Posca pens (also heavily used in production) are made from 41% recycled materials and when empty I use Terracycle recycling stations to dispose of them.
  • Other Things:  Findings and magnets are purchased from Australian suppliers (where possible). I recycle or reuse everything that I can during the production process.