Dolly Parton in Frankie!!!

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Dolly in Frankie


Argh! I'm so excited! I've been waiting to tell you guys for aaages that my little Dolly Parton brooch is featured in this months Frankie magazine! I'm super excited - this is a big deal in my little crafty world. It mean a few things:

1. Somebody else totally appreciates and 'gets' my work

2. Somebody else thinks Dolly is rad

3. My Mum will buy her first copy of Frankie and will probably show it off at work

Just in case you don't know, let me tell you what goes into making one of my brooches. First, I internet stalk all the images on the internet of my 'chosen one'. I make some sketches with wonky chins, crooked eyes and scary smiles. I draw them again. And sometime again. Sometimes, at this point, I give up (Madonna - I'm looking at YOU!). Other times I decide it's OK enough to ink in. So I draw over the top of my most decent looking sketch. I erase the pencil lines and scan into my computer. Then I clean up my drawing in Photoshop and turn it into an Illustrator file that can be used for laser cutting.


File Layout

 Now, I play a game of picture Tetris... arranging digital multiples of Dolly/Bowie/Prince/Frida on a page that represents a bamboo sheet. It's like a giant puzzle to try and get as many faces as I can onto one sheet with minimum waste. It can take hours just getting this step right. Once I have squeezed all I can from my bamboo sheet, I send the file to my friendly laser cutter person. She does her magic with the 'Freakin' Laser Beam' and posts me back a box of bamboo shapes.


Milk Thieves Hand colouring


Now comes the fun part. Peeling off protective paper. Peel peel peel.... There is spray paint, more paper peeling, hand colouring, protective varnish coat, flip, peel, glue brooch back then package.

Every single brooch, earring, magnet, necklace that I make goes through this process. It is hands on. It is time consuming. And I love it.


Frankie Magazine Dolly Parton


If you're feeling lucky, you might be able to WIN one of these hand coloured ladies. Just get your paws on a copy of the September/October Frankie mag, find Dolly on page 22 and follow the instructions. There are 5 to give away!

Want to create your own luck? Buy one here - she is only $29!

"You'll never do a whole lot unless you're brave enough to try" ~ Dolly Parton

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  • I’ve only recently discovered Frankie & it’s such a rad magazine – such a good fit for you!


    Sarah on

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